The American Flag Page

This page is designed to show many of the most famous flags of our nation's history since it's inception. It will also have some information and a link to a flag etiquette site, as well as other flag sites of interest.

Betsy Ross Flag

Flag Carried at the Battle of Bennington

Official United States of America Flags

13 Star Flag 1776

15 Star Flag 1795

Fort McHenry Flag 1812

20 Star Flag 1818

21 Star Flag 1819

24 Star Flag 1822

31 Star Flag 1851

Official Flags of the American Civil War

Civil War 35 Star Flag
Carried by Union Troops

Confederate Jack Flag

Confederate Battle Flag

Old Glory

37 Star Flag 1867

44 Star Flag 1891

45 Star Flag 1896

48 Star Flag 1912

49 Star Flag 1959

50 Star Flag 1959

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